Handmade hat

'Seafoam' is a unique handmade hat, made using the 'Nuno felting' technique. Merino wool fibres are slowly and gently fused to stunning hand dyed aqua habotai silk. Gradually, through the process of agitating the fibres with my hands and various tools, the hat is rolled many times to shrink it to a wearable sized hood. This type of silk creates beautiful textures as it melds to the wool, creating softness to this substantial hat. The hood is then manipulated to create a one of a kind sculptural piece of wearable art. To enhance the beauty of this hat further, I have added a beautiful vintage glass button and small iridescent beads which catch the light like sunlight on the sea.
Slow fashion using natural fibres & hand dyed silk.

Size: Medium, head circumference: 55.5cm - 56.5cm

Care instructions:
Simply hang the hat it up in your bathroom whilst taking a shower or bath will enable the natural fibres to breathe & release any dirt which can be gently sponged off with cool water.

Additional information

Weight .110 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 cm


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